Escape To Freedom


Chronicles Of A Life On Two Continents

My Escape From Communist Romania

An Autobiography

In Escape To Freedom, Irie Glajar, a mathematics professor in Austin, Texas describes his hair-raising and amazing true story of his escape from the totalitarian and crushing communist regime of 1981 Romania.


Irie, then only 26 years old, risked his life and everything else in a daring escape from Romania through what was then the old Yugoslavia and Italy, in a quest for a life of freedom in the U.S.A.


With the tight hold the communists kept on their citizens, the odds of a successful escape were slim and the penalties if caught were drastic. With little money and no vehicle, Irie decided to take the risk.

Having little knowledge of a foreign country, Irie had to seek information and help from strangers whose language he didn’t understand. During each one of these contacts he risked being turned in to the local authorities for substantial rewards and could have been sent back to Romania for certain severe punishment.


In addition to his dangerous travels out of the Communist Bloc, Escape To Freedom is Irie’s story of his early years in Romania, including his education and his struggles with communist oppression. His book also describes his new adventure and successes once he finally reached the freedom of the U.S.A.


Escape To Freedom is a chronicle that will entertain and inspire all who read it to follow their own dreams for a fulfilled life in freedom.


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